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  • Human do mistakes, but we are here to recover
  • Never get worried of files that lost

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may also send any queries at aacontactn0w@gmail.com.

How to use Recycle Bin?

Its simple, launch the app and see the notification that "Recycle Bin started". Thats it! Now any files you delete will go to recycle bin to be restored or deleted permanently. You can stop the Bin service anytime, and it doesn't take much memory or battery life from your phone to keep it running.

Why is there a permanent notification?

That notification is required because without it, recycle bin will no longer work. You can easily hide that notification by going to settings->apps->Recycle Bin->notifications.

I don't see my deleted files!

There are a couple of reasons when Recycle Bin does not work. It could be that the bin service was stopped due Android killing the Bin service to conserve memory. In this case simply restart the service by clicking the button in the app

I keep getting "Recycle Bin has crashed"

That usually means out of memory. You may have too many files and photos and should probably transfer them to your computer to free up memory. If the issue continues, contact us for help.

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